Solace by JAH is a brand started by me, Deja! I am a mom and was on a constant search for skincare products that would help relieve my sons severe eczema prone skin.  In addition to this skin condition, he has a sensitivity to two of the most common skincare ingredients which are Shea Butter and Coconut oil. He was only a little 1 year old and I was cautious and limited to what I would use on his delicate skin. It was constantly itchy,  dry and irritated which led to him having many sleepless nights.  A solution was needed after trying a multitude of prescriptions, creams, steroids and countless over the counter products. I have been creating my own mixtures of oils and butters and saw consistent progress and minimal eczema flare ups with consistent use. Inspired by my son, Jonathan, after he had many nights of full sleep, moisturized skin and no itchiness from the discomfort, Baby JAH(my sons initials) finally found Solace.

SOLACE: noun -a source of relief


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